How to Start Saving at CVS

April 5, 2010 in Couponing,CVS

STEP ONE: Get a CVS ExtraCare Card

The CVS ExtraCare Card is an amazing thing.  If you’re looking for an easy way to get cheap (often free) toiletries, go get yourself one of these things NOW!  All you have to do is go into your CVS and ask the cashier for one (be sure to complete the form that comes with the card or register it  online) or sign up for an account on the CVS website.

STEP TWO: Get ExtraCare Bucks

Buy something that will get you ExtraCare Bucks (also known as ECB’s in coupon slang).  Basically, CVS has sales on products every week that can earn you ECB’s.   When you get to the cashier, make sure they scan your CVS card and you’ll get ECB’s on the bottom of your receipt when you’ve purchased one of that week’s ECB offers.  Make sure you hold on to them, because you can use ECB’s to buy anything at CVS (except for prescriptions, alcohol, gift cards, lottery tickets, money orders,  postage stamps,  pre-paid cards and tobacco).

STEP THREE: Use those ECB’s and Get Something Free

This is a great week to start getting deals at CVS.  For example:

  • Buy a bottle of Complete Multipurpose Solution for $8.99, then you’ll  get $8.99 in ECB’s
  • Buy a pack of Stride Shift Gum for $0.99, then you’ll get $0.99 in ECB’s
  • Now you have $9.98 to use for your next trip to CVS!

and you can save even more when you add coupons to the mix…

STEP FOUR: Maximize your ECB’s with Coupons

CVS allows you to use coupons for each item that you buy.  To start getting a good coupon collection, start buying the Sunday paper and save the coupons inside.  It’ll take a month or two to start building up a really useful supply of coupons, and I’ll fill you in more on how I use coupons later.  Anywho, remember those $9.98 in ECB’s?  This is what we could do with them, considering what’s on sale this week:

  • Buy Colgate Total for $2.99, then you’ll get back $1 ECB’s
  • Buy a 36 count Box of Tampax Pearl Tampons for $7.99, then you’ll get back $3 ECB’s
  • This brings your total to $10.98, so you could use the ECB’s from your last trip and only spend $1!

A good deal, but we can do better using coupons.

  • Use a $1 off coupon for the Colgate from All You Magazine
  • Use a buy a Free Tampax 18-20ct wyb (1) Tampax 36-60ct from Sunday’s paper
  • Use a $2 off Tampax Pearl tampons coupon from the March 7th paper
  • Then you get a tube of Colgate and two boxes of tampons, and you still have $2.01 in ECB’s leftover to buy something else you need or want! 
  • You also earned 4 ECB’s to use on your next trip to CVS. 

That may have been a lot to take in, so feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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Joanne March 27, 2012 at 7:59 pm

This is sooo great! I just started following your blog, so I never saw this post… Thanks so much for the tip!


Barbara June 11, 2012 at 9:38 pm

Thanks so much for explaining how to use the CVS card. I have had one for years and never understood what I had until you explained it. I am 65, retired, and single. I get really upset at the food industries when they issue a two for one price deal. Why can’t they sell one item at half-price? I know, I know, go ahead and buy the two-eat one then freeze the other. To me, the one frozen is never as good and most times a waste. When I ask, the restaurant always tells me no deal. any ideas?


Single & Saving June 19, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Good for you for learning how to save at CVS! Restaurant portions are so big, that I often buy one and split it in half to eat later. Unfortunately, some deals out there aren’t the best for single people. If you live in a area that has a deal site like Scoutmob, you can get 50% off of your meal without having to buy more food than you really need.


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