Cheap Ways to Care for a Cast

April 6, 2010 in Thrifty Tips

At the end of February, my friend Lauren and I went on an 8 am snow tubing outing.  We had a great time, but I fell and broke my right hand (yup, I’m right-handed).  I’m lucky that I avoided surgery, but I’ve been stuck with a cast for the past five weeks.  The good news (if all goes well at my doctor’s appointment) is that my cast comes off tomorrow! 

Here are a few tips that helped make the past few weeks manageable:

  • Keep it dry with wet umbrella bags.  You’re supposed to keep the cast dry to keep the cast in shape (and to avoid general grossness).  They sell cast covers for showering and bathing online and at the doctor’s office, but they’re around $30.   Instead of buying a real cast cover, I just took a few wet umbrella bags from the lobby of my office building.  They were free, perfectly fit my arm, and my cast has never been wet.
  • Benadryl and a hair dryer will take care of the itch.  As tempted as you may be to stick a pencil or ruler down your cast, the doctor will advise against it.   Taking some Benadryl and blowing air cold air down my cast, by using the cool setting on my hair dryer, made the itchiness go away.
  • Eat/drink food that has a lot of calcium and take your vitamins.  I have no proof that this is speeding up the healing process, but my doctor says that my hand was healing ahead of schedule.
  • Bedazzle it!  Casts are unattractive and make random strangers ask you how you hurt yourself several times a day.  I decided to add some glamour to mine for an event our high school ministry was having at church.   I went to Michael’s and got some stick-on rhinestones for 99 cents, and made my cast an accessory.  There are a bunch of fabric  “fashion cast covers” on sale for $15 to $30 online, but they’re all lacking rhinestones.
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