Living Without Cable

April 8, 2010 in Saving,Thrifty Tips

I love to watch tv, but I put off getting cable when I moved to my apartment.  After spending a bunch of money on furniture, dishes, and other necessities, I figured that I could live without cable for a month or two.  Four months later…I’m still living without cable.  The crazy thing?  I actually don’t miss it that much.

I have a digital tv and bought an HDTV antenna for about $25 to see what channels I could pick up for free.  Surprisingly, antennas aren’t all the crazy big rabbit ears from a few years ago, but can be sleek, flat, and barely noticeable.  An even bigger surprise about the antenna: it gets me 42 channels for free! 

Sure, several of them are in Spanish or only show infomercials, but I’m getting really clear HD shows and not paying a cent for them.  With the HDTV antenna I get all kinds of random HD signals through something called “multicasting”: for instance I get NBC WXIA-11, but also NBC Weather on 11.2 and NBC Sports on 10.5.  I even get about fifteen radio stations through my tv.

Not having cable is saving me around $40 a month.  Plus, with things like hulu, Netflix, movies from the library, and iTunes, I can still watch several of my favorite cable shows and movies for free or much less than the cost of having cable.  I’m saving almost $500 a year on something I thought I couldn’t live without (and I’m actually enjoying it).

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johnayers May 12, 2010 at 12:15 am

You may be interested in this.

and this story about it…


Marie November 16, 2011 at 4:09 am

My husband and I’s internship apartment came with cable and while it was nice and all honestly, we hardly ever watched TV. We ended up watching TV and movies more on Netflix than the actual TV. But I find that things like Hulu and Netflix are much more convenient since you’re able to watch the shows when you have time rather having being mad cause you had work that hour.


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