Festival Freebies

April 19, 2010 in Frugal Fun

This weekend some friends and I went to The Dogwood Festival in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park.  I love Spring festivals because you can have a great time and spend little or no money at them.  I even learned something new on Saturday: festivals are full of freebies! 

There were several tents that gave out free samples and coupons.  The picture above has all of the freebies that I collected during our afternoon there.   Since Lauren doesn’t like chocolate,  I took her chocolate-based stuff.  I also mentioned how much I like Similasan products and ended up with 13 boxes of it.  Also included in my festival swag was dog treats for Cookie, headache medicine and coupons for restaurants that are close to my apartment.

Our favorite freebie of the day may have been our autographed photos from local reporter Adam Murphy.  He has a segment called the Restaurant Report Card that I love*.  He made my picture out to “#1 RRC” fan (and Lauren’s says #2 fan).  

The Dogwood Festival was also a great opportunity to buy some new (and inexpensive) art for my apartment.  There are lot’s of great festivals coming up in Atlanta.  The Inman Park Festival is next weekend, and May brings the Sweet Auburn and Decatur Arts Festivals.

*I do not love that I just discovered that one of my favorite restaurants got a 46 after watching the Restaurant Report Card.

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