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May 25, 2010 in Couponing

One of the questions I’m asked the most from friends and other people who are interested in using coupons to save money is, “Where do you get your coupons?”  Here are the four places where I find most of my coupons:

 The Sunday Paper

The Sunday newspaper, in my opinion, is the best source for coupons.  Getting a Sunday newspaper subscription is a small investment that leads to a lot of savings.  The number and types of coupon the come in a particular paper differs regionally, but I’m lucky to get the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.  The AJC has some of the most coupon inserts in the country; if you live in Atlanta, be sure to get it!  The paper is also sold at different stores starting Saturday evening.

 Friends and Family

There are a lot of people who get coupons but don’t want them.  Ask a few friends or family members if they don’t want their Sunday paper, and someone will probably be glad to give their coupon inserts to you.

 The Grocery Store

The grocery store is full of coupons.  Keep your eyes open and you’ll find coupon books, coupons from red blinking boxes and coupons on products.  I look for coupons as I go through the store and keep them in an envelope to use when those items go on sale.  I’m also sure to only use that coupons that peel off of products when I’m actually buying that product.  There are also Catalina coupons that print out at the register.  I make to sure to save these for future use.


There are a ton of great online resources for coupons.  Websites like Shortcuts and Cellfire let you choose the coupons you want to load to your frequent shopper card (like the Kroger Plus Card) or phone.  Shortcuts also offers a lot of printable coupons.  Many stores like Publix and Target also offer printable coupons for use in their stores.  Recently, Facebook has become a great resource for coupons and free samples.  “Like” a company like Einstein Brothers Bagels or Kraft Foods for some great freebies.

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