Turn Loose Change Into Gift Cards

October 20, 2010 in CVS,Shopping,Thrifty Tips

A few weeks ago I heard that Coinstar machines can turn coins into gift cards or e-certificates.  Typically Coinstar charges 9.8 cents per dollar to convert coins to cash, but coin counting is FREE when you use their machines to convert coins into a gift card. 

I’ve always avoided Coinstar machines in the past because of the service fee, but I decided to try it out (especially since I’m probably not going to take the initiative to count, wrap and deposit the coins I’ve been saving over the past few months).  I went to a Coinstar machine at Kroger and the process was very easy: I poured my coins into a tray and out popped a gift card to the store of my choice (here are the options).

I turned  my loose change into a $20 CVS gift card.  $20 at CVS will go a long way for me, so it was a great use of the coins that have been collecting dust in my apartment.  If you’re feeling generous, the machines also have an option to donate change to charity.  The machine locator can help you find a machine near you.

Photo: sxc.hu

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