Shazam for Free Clothes at Old Navy

March 28, 2011 in Freebies,Thrifty Tips

Thanks to Shazam, I’m wearing a cardigan that I got for free at Old Navy!  Shazam is an app that identifies the artists and title of songs. I typically use it when I’m in a store or restaurant and can’t remember the name of the song in the background.  Instead of pondering what the song was all day, I just hold my phone up to the music and it magically tells me what the song is.

You may have noticed those new Old Navy commercials that look like music videos (in my opinion, a step up from the mannequin commercials).  The “Shazam Now” icon popped up in the corner of an Old Navy commercial, so I got out my phone and used the app to find the song’s title.  Not only did I discover that the song’s title is “Layer Player,” but Shazam screen also said “You Just Scored a Free Spring Shirt or Boyfriend Cardi.”  It prompted me to enter my email address and I received a coupon that I used to get a free cardigan that typically retails for $29.50.

Apparently this deal is gone, but keep an eye out for the “Shazam Now” icon when you’re watching tv.

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