Gifts That Give Back: Charity Gift Catalogs

November 29, 2011 in Giving

November and December are the most popular months to make charitable donations.  At the same time, we’re buying gifts for Christmas and other winter holidays.  Gift catalogs from charities combine these things by allowing someone to buy gifts that benefit a nonprofit organization’s work in honor of their friends and relatives.  Here are some of my favorites:

Donating a symbolic gift from the ASPCA allows you to give the recipient a customized certificate (that comes with an adorable picture of a rescued pet on it) or a card.
Sample Gifts: A $20 donation helps to provide antibiotics for sick pets or $25 can help pay for a puppy socialization class.

Atlanta Community Food Bank
The Atlanta Community Food Bank has five different gift options.  You can send an e-card to the recipient or print one.
Sample Gifts: $25 provides fresh fruits and vegetables for a week to a family of four.

Food for the Poor
The Food for the Poor gift catalog has gifts in seven different categories.  They’ll email you cards to send to the recipient or you can print your own from their website.
Sample Gifts: A kerosene stove for a Haitian family is $5.  It’s also on Oprah’s list of 16 Ways to Make an Incredible Impact with Less Than $15.

World Vision
The World Vision catalog has over 100 gifts.  They’ll send a card to the recipient for free or you can chose to email the card or print one out.
Sample Gifts: For $25 you can provide job training to girls and women. Seeds for one family are $17.

Samaritan’s Purse
The Samaritan’s Purse gift catalog has 44 gifts.  You can select a card to be sent to the recipient at checkout.
Sample Gifts: I love the cute “Jesus Loves Me” Stuffed Lambs.  They’re only $4 and are distributed to children affected by war and other traumatic events.

What are your favorite charities to donate to?

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