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I just got back from a trip to Delaware to celebrate my youngest cousin’s high school graduation (Congrats Shay!) and I was overwhelmed by the ways people waste money at the airport.  There are lots of temptations to spend in the terminal and in the air, but packing the right things can help you save on the way to your destination.  Here are the three things that help me avoid airport overspending:

1. Bring Snacks with You
Avoid overpriced airport food by packing your own snacks.  It only takes a few minutes to head to a grocery store before your trip to get things like protein bars, trail mix or other snacks that can help you avoid paying a premium for food near your gate.  The same bag of M&M’s I got for free at CVS before my trip was $2.50 at the airport.

2. Pack Books, Magazines and Other Forms of Entertainment
My flight was delayed for 40 minutes today, so I’m glad that I had a book and magazine to keep me occupied. I think it’s better to be prepared with a half-priced book from Amazon, than be tempted to go into an airport bookstore for a full-priced book and other impulse buys.

3. Use Free Samples
Signing up for free samples can seem like a waste of time, but I’m always so glad to have them when I travel.  Visit a site like for a list of free samples and you’ll have travel-sized shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and other necessities ready for your next trip.

Bonus: So this one isn’t related to saving money (and is kind of OCD), but I always bring antibacterial wipes with me on flights.  Who wants to be sick during their vacation?

What are your travel essentials?

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  While it’s not technically summer, the 90 degree weather (and ability to wear white shoes without judgment) signal that summer is almost here.  Last summer I had a lot of love for SkinnyGirl Margaritas, but they’re not the most budget-friendly option at around $14 a bottle.  After trying a few wine cocktail recipes, my new favorite drink for summer is the Pink Moscato Wine Spritzer.  It’s lower in calories than most cocktails and I’ll pretend that the fruit in it makes it a little good for me.  I’ll be spending the next couple of days drinking these by the pool and reading Mindy Kaling’s hilarious book.  Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Pink Moscato Wine Spritzer

What You’ll Need
One chilled bottle of Pink Moscato (I used Sutter Home)
One chilled bottle of Sprite Zero
Frozen Raspberries

Combine equal parts moscato and Sprite Zero. Add a few frozen raspberries and enjoy!


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