Eating Out

Last month there was a story in Business Insider about a woman who used for the sole purpose of getting free meals.  There were a lot of daytime talk shows discussing how much of a gold digger the woman was because she estimated that she got $1,200 in free dinners.  My first reaction was to scoff at the shallowness of using Match for meals but, in all honesty, I can see where she’s coming from.

After rent, my largest expense is dining out.  I developed a love of good restaurants and take out at an early age and dining out is something I could ever fully give up.  Making your own meals saves a lot of money (and that’s why I’m a huge proponent of bringing your lunch to work), but I really enjoy the experience of going out to eat.   There have definitely been times when I’ve gone out on a horrible date and have thought “at least I got a free meal out of it.”  While some may criticize this woman for deceiving men who were interested in her, there are also plenty of people out there who date because “dating is fun,” and not because they’re looking for their future spouse.  Several of my friends also have horror stories about creepy guys they met online who were far more motivated by the potential of a hookup than a potential wife.

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