Plenty of Fish

Online Dating

When you are over a certain age and have been single for a while, unsolicited advice about how to meet someone seems to come from everywhere. And the majority of this advice includes the phrase “you should try online dating!” Unwillingly to shell out another $59.95 a month for more eHarmony disappointment, I decided to give free online dating sites a shot. I created profiles for myself on OkCupid and Plenty of Fish to see what they had to offer (spoiler alert: not much). Let’s start with my experience on Plenty of Fish.

The quality of guys on Plenty of Fish seems to range somewhere between kinda creepy and serial killer. Something about interacting with people on this site makes me want to stock up on pepper spray and tasers. Most of the messages I received consisted of one or two words including – “Nice,” “You Sexy,” “SupSexy” and “Hot!” (I’ll note that my profile picture is from a baby shower, so it’s not like I’m wearing anything revealing). These guys think that you should be up for meeting them just because they sent you a selfie they took in their bathroom mirror. It’s gross. [click to continue…]

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